A global platform for sharing lessons learned

from unwanted incidents across oil and gas industry

Functionality - Search for lessons

  • All employees can search published lessons
  • Visual and intuitive search engine
  • Subscribe to relevant lessons
  • Print lessons
  • Save lessons in PDF
  • Share lessons with others
  • Comment/discuss lessons

Functionality - Add new lessons

  • Fixed template for adding new lessons
  • Delete/update existing lessons
  • Preview lessons
  • Administrator decides what will be published
  • Share lessons with other firms/industries

About LessonLearned

LessonLearned is developed to ensure that learning from unwanted incidents becomes more easily available and searchable. The application is very easy to use - both for those who are seeking information and those who would like to publish unwanted incidents.

The protocol for investigating incidents is generally similar for the various companies and industries.

LessonLearned takes into account that the system should function well across companies and industries.